Gott liebt dich!

I grew up in a christian family and beginning in childhood I learned a lot about God and the bible. But when I was 15 year old I decided to find my own way to answer the questions of
- where do I come from?
- where do I go? and
- why am I here?

At that time I started hanging out with my friends and we philosophized about the signification of life and the reason to live. I started drinking and wanted to be part of every party. We also started smoking weed and primarily had a lot of fun with it.
My interest of other religions from the Far East grew. Therefore I started meditating and asked myself “why are the christian people so intolerant and display Jesus as the only way to live?”
In the course of time there were more parties and the drugs became harder. We did not miss any party or drug and on Sunday morning while others went to church we just came home from the parties.
But emptniness started to fill my heart slowly. Therefore I wanted more parties and also tried to fill this emptiness with esoterism.

I travelled to Thailand with one of my friends. We prayed in the temples of the Buddhist, ate mushrooms and did some yoga training. The result: an even bigger emptiness. Depressions, paranoia and mortal fears were added to this emptiness.
Oh crap! I was definitily not doing good.
Then I remembered all the things I heard about Jesus. Is it maybe true what they say? Could he give me real fullfillment and peace?
No, this can’t be true. So I went to another party and this time we blow it out of all proportions. This last party was so heavy that it took me some days to recover from it!
One thing was certain: I can’t continue like this and something got to change soon or I won’t grow old.
So I cried to the Lord: “Lord Jesus, if you are real then please come into my life. I can’t manage my life without you. Please forgive me my trespasses. I need you so bad. Please fill me with your love.”

And the Lord really came into my life and changed me. He helped me get away from all the things which were not good for me and are still not good for me and he gave me an amazing fullfillment and peace in my heart.
Now I know where I come from, where I am going and why I am here.

Jesus is the only way for my life and also for yours.

die Bibel

Jürgen Wubs
Name: Jürgen Wubs
Born 26 February 1983,
I am free of all elements and live a life with Jesus since 2005,
Favourite beats: technochrist, parasense, DJ Tony Foxx, zolot...and all which makes us stomp!


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